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Top Ten Best Restaurants to Eat Local Ghanaian Dishes in 2023

Updated: 6 days ago

It is nearly statistically accurate to wake up to a new restaurant every day in Ghana. This therefore clouds one’s mind which restaurant best serves your preferred dish and satisfies your service delivery demands, packaging among other things.

Looking for a vacation location is not an easy task. Now you have landed yourself in Ghana or are yet to come. How about we make the job of finding a location to eat the best local Ghanaian dishes easier for you.

If you have already read our article on

you probably have a few dishes in your bucket list. Stress ye not. From the continental edifices to the topiary spaces to the traditionally informed spaces, here are our top picks from the south to the north. Melanin Travels Magic presents to you our top ten (10) restaurants to get served the best local dishes in Ghana.


1. Buka Restaurant, Osu, Accra.

Image of the entrance and parking area of the Buka restaurant at Osu, Accra.

Located at 10th Street, Osu, Buka restaurant features a wide variety of local dishes primarily from Ghana and other local dishes from Nigeria and other renowned African dishes. This is probably where you try out the first local dish from our list .

The restaurant has both open-air and secluded air-conditioned seating spaces. The Buka restaurant is best known for its great customer care, excellent service delivery, top class staff expertise and their mouth-watering local dishes.

2. The View Bar & Grill, Kumasi.

Located along the Owusu Ansah I Rd, this amazing eatery serves a wide range of grilled dishes and a host of smoothies and cocktails to welcome you into the city of Kumasi. The restaurant like the name suggest has an amazing angel on which the city can be viewed especially at night. Like we fancy here at MTM, its elevated angular view of the city is what gave this restaurant an upper hand to make this list.

3. Raybow Hotel Restaurant, Beach road, Takoradi.

Moving into ‘the oil city’ of Ghana, red-red (gob3) is definitely a local Ghanaian cuisine you would probably want to try. Let Raybow Hotel Restaurant be your destination to relax and clear your plate of gob3. This restaurant is located along the Anita Mensah street. The restaurant prides it self with excellence in local dishes and brilliance in customer care. Aside seeking to enjoy some of the local dishes rest and relaxation is definitely another feature that comes with the restaurant’s location.

4.Oasis Lounge Bar & Restaurant, Gumani, Tamale.

Just as its African architecture cannot be mistaken, so can its African dishes not be forgotten. In the heart of the fastest growing town in west Africa, the Oasis Lounge Bar and Restaurant is poised to serve you most of the local dishes of Ghana and especially of the north.

Asamuah Gyan et les membres de l'équipe au salon Oasis.

5. Da Breeze Bar & Restaurant, Cape Coast.

Many may wonder where to get a good plate of sea food punched into a local Ghanaian dish. Well, look no further cause Da Breeze gives you more than you could ask for. While enjoying the soothing sight of sea, Da Breeze restaurant serves you the local dish of your choice.

6.Tsu’s Kitchen, Sunyani.

In the region where you enjoy the magnificent beauty of waterfalls[embed article on 5 must vist places in Ghana] Tsu’s Kitchen is probably the eatery location to add to your visit plan when Ghana comes to mind. Located along the Berlin-Top road, the restaurant definitely wins the heart of waakye lovers with its splendid presentation and service delivery.

In the words of Isaac, he says in a review: “I tried the waakye today, trust me it was delicious. I loved the way the waakye was packaged, very attractive.”

7. Soloko Cafe, Ho.

The creativity and publicity of this cafe and restaurant is one thing that never seizes to amaze one aside the fact that they serve you sweet soothing swallows. In the land of the Voltarians, trying out banku may be the best decision one would make at the Soloko Cafe.

8. Linda Dor Restaurant, Koforidua.

Crédit photo : Linda Dor sur Twitter

For most people traveling through the Koforidua route, Linda Dor is definitely a must-stop location for rest, refreshment and recess. Linda Dor thus merits its selection in today’s list for its renowned hospitality and good, tasty local meals to keep one revamped for the road. We recommend you try a light meal such as jollof rice and some local beverages.

9. Spicy Restaurant, Kpaguri, Wa.

You’ve probably found yourself further north. You’ve landed yourself in the Upper West Region, Wa, to be precise. Look no further for where to find local meals such as ‘tuo-zaafi.’ Real Spicy Foodies is the one location to get served some local and continental dishes before you are introduced to the township.

10. Akayet Hotel Restaurant, Bolga.

Strategically located along the Tamale-Navrongo highway, Akayet hotel aside accommodation offers remarkable restaurant services for lodgers, locals and travelers. The hotel’s restaurant holds excellence in continental dishes yet an unbeaten reputation of local dishes. The Akayet Restaurant as expected provides diners the advantage of both indoor and outdoor dining.

Now you have reached the end of today’s article and wondering which meal to try out at which restaurant. Inasmuch as that would depend solely on you, Melanin Travels Magic is ever ready to hold your hand as we go from site to site and from eatery to eatery. Come experience Ghanaian cuisines with us. Shalom.

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