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Let's plan your next trip

Fancy help with planning your next black heritage and leisure getaway?

After visiting 45+ countries and planning every single trip on our own. We have been offering a custom itinerary service since June 2022, for those of you that need help with travel planning.

We specialise in travel planning whether it be luxury, budget, solo, couples or group trips.

We have been helping over 150 clients to date travelling consciously and reconnecting in North America, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America.


Are you heading to Tanzania, Egypt, Ghana, Senegal, Zambia, Namibia, Madagascar, Kenya, South Africa, Sao Tome, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Congo, Nigeria, Benin, Sierra Leone, Seychelles, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Saint Lucia, Guadeloupe, Bahamas. If you need help planning your next holidays whether you are a solo traveller, a duo, a group of friends or a corporate retreat.



We got you if you fancy a mixture of black heritage and leisure experiences! We can also help you with City Getaway in Europe & and North America.

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Or schedule a Zoom Discovery call Book here: to find out how we could help you plan your next holidays.

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Our Services


Flight & Hotel Package Research

Done for you

​Need help getting the best flight deals? Get in touch with your travel dates, location and budget and we will take care of the rest!

  • The consultation is FREE for you via our Partner agency

  • We do the research and come back with a quote for 1 or several packages depending on layover, airlines & hotel availability.

  • We ensure all communication & planning for your trip requirements with our agency partner.​

Please fill in the form below  


Solo Traveller Trip Planning

Done for you

Get recommendations of where to stay, activities, things to do and a customized PDF itinerary so you know what you are doing on each day of your holiday!

  • Pay the consultation fee of £150/$150/€150

  • We do the research & and planning of the itinerary & and activities, pair you with a local guide & and recommend extras pre-trip (visa type, vaccination, bureau de change ) in trip recommendations (Nightlife, restaurants, taxi drivers, Airbnb’s or hotels…) with a digital planner PDF.

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Corporate & Travel Club Group Trip Planning

Done for you

Do you want to do your next team-building experience abroad?

Are you a Travel club who needs help with your next group trip? Let us take care of the planning process so you can travel stress-free.

  • Pay the consultation fee starting from £500/$500/€500

  • We do the research and planning of the itinerary, accommodation, transport and activities, pair you with a local guide 

  • We ensure all communication & negotiation with a local partner.​

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Family in Pool

Travel Claims Support

Done for you

Have you recently experienced issues during your last holiday? If you have suffered from cancelled flights, missed connections, lost or damaged luggage, or delayed flight.

Then we can help you!

  • The referral to our Travel Claims partner is FREE for you 

  • In case of successful claims our partner agency will take 30% of the amount obtained

  • Our partner will handle your claims if the incident occurred for flights departing from the UK, Canada or Europe or with a British, European or Canadian airline.

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Friends & Family Trip Planning

Done for you

Get recommendations of where to stay, activities, things to do and a customized PDF itinerary so you know what you are doing on each day of your holiday!

  • Pay the consultation fee of £250/$250/€250

  • We do the research & planning of the itinerary  & activities, pair you with a local guide & recommend extras pre-trip  & in-trip recommendations with a digital planner PDF.

  • We ensure all communication and negotiation with our local partner.

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Are you travelling soon and have questions on a specific destination? Would you like advice on where to buy a local SIM card, be connected with local guides, and know what to do or need help with your travel preparation (Visa, travel money, vaccinations) 

Then we can help you!

  • Pay the consultation fee of £50

  • During our 30 mn to 40 min call you can 

  • Please note this service can't be substituted for a full Travel Planning service.

Pay the fee & book below


Do it Yourself

Travel Consultation Call

Travel Planning Services Payment

If you are ready to get some help planning and researching your upcoming ideal trip, whether it's :

  • your first Solo trip,

  • first time visiting Africa,

  • first time visiting the Caribbean

  • first time visiting Brazil

  • You would like to avoid  the stress of planning a special occasion for a group of friends or family

  • you have a group trip to plan and you are a travel club owner

This service is definitely for you, if you need recommendations on where to stay, plenty of relevant activities, hidden gems and a customized PDF itinerary so you know what you are doing on each day of your holiday!

Solo Traveller

Pay online £150 

Family & Friends

Pay online £250

Travel Clubs

Pay Online £500


Imani, Afro-American, USA, December 2021

“My first visit to West Africa was with Melanin Travels Magic. Because I had no experience with the company I will admit I was a little hesitant. I am so grateful that even in Christina’s absence she ensured we were connected with our country host and in constant communication.

I commend her for doing her due diligence to connect with local contacts to make sure there is a heartfelt connection. I look forward to seeing what else comes from this budding travel group!"

10-Day Group Trip to Ghana Package

Christy B., Minneapolis, USA, July 2023

"As an educator, I really enjoyed visiting with the children at the school. However, words can't even begin to explain the experience and tell all the wonderful things we were exposed to. This is a trip every black person should take. I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to experience Africa in such an amazing and spiritual way...".

REBOUND staff & Teenagers, Group of 10 Travelers from MINNEAPOLIS, USA, 10-day Corporate Retreat in Ghana

Juliette and Antoinette, French, Marseille, October 2023

“It was our first time in Kenya we would like to thank Melanin Travel Magic for the tips and guidance with her local partners.

We really enjoyed every trip with her partner. It was a great experience.

Thanks again, Christina”

Travel Planning Service for Birthday trip to Kenya

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