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About Us


Melanin Travels Magic (MTM) is a tour operator specialising in providing  & planning Bespoke cultural & heritage travel experiences, whether you are a solo traveller, a duo, a group of friends or a corporate retreat.

At the height of the #blacktravellersmovement, in September 2020 and the need for the African and Caribbean diaspora to uncover their history and culture and for you to love and enjoy the wonders of our unseen worlds.

This is why Melanin Travels Magic MTM was founded.


We help our Afro & Caribbean descendants clients plan activities, source accommodation and cheap flights to the following destinations:

Benin, Brazil, Congo, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ghana, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Jamaica,  Kenya,  Madagascar,  Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria,  Sao Tome, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania & Zanzibar, Togo, Turkey, Zambia & we also cover City breaks in the USA & Europe.


What Melanin Travels Magic does for You


  • Helping the black diaspora reconnect by travelling to black nations in Africa, The Caribbean and Central America, via Black heritage cultural and leisure experiences.

  • Developing black nations' economies by hiring local guides and suppliers.

  • Facilitating travel planning via the travel consultancy service


What our customers say about Melanin Travel Magic Services

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How Can We Help You with your Travel Planning in 2023?

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The Founder

IMG_0632 Small.jpeg

Christina Belloge is a Multilingual Award-nominated Social Media Marketing expert and experienced traveller, with about 40 +countries in the last 16 years mainly in Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America, and Asia.


Christina is originally French Caribbean, born in Paris, but from Guadeloupe island, next to Dominica and St Martin. She’s now both a French & British citizen.


She is also an ex-pat who has lived in 4 European countries France, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands and have learnt and studied different languages along the way. She is a passionate individual and so enthusiastic about exploring new countries and learning about other people's cultures.

Her Travel expertise and serial ex-pat experience have been featured by Essence & Travel Noire.


As a Pan Africanist, she set up Melanin Travels Magic, in September 2020 to help the Afro-Caribbean Diaspora to discover, explore and connect with other Black nations' diversity in culture, language and traditions.

She is keen on supporting new upcoming talents whether by mentoring younger colleagues or by investing in startups and supporting fellow black businesses. She has been a secretary of an MBMB the only French Caribbean charity in London, always connecting people with great cultural events and empowering their knowledge of self. She would be keen to support more charities in children’s education and encourage the re-insertion of homeless people.


Travel and Business Autorities


Travel Professional Bodies and Business Association


We have recently joined the


African Tourism Association (NYC based)

The Africa Tourism Association (ATA) is the leading global trade association promoting travel and tourism to Africa and strengthening intra-Africa partnerships. ATA serves both the public and private sectors of the international travel and tourism industry. ATA membership is comprised of African governments, their tourism ministers, tourism bureaus and boards, airlines, cruise lines, hotels, resorts, front-line travel sellers and providers, tour operators and travel agents, and affiliate industries. ATA partners with the African Union Commission (AU) to promote the sustainable development of tourism to and across Africa. ATA’s annual events in Africa and the United States bring together industry leaders to shape Africa’s tourism agenda.

We have also joined the  Black Business Association network, associated with the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, based in the UK.

 About The BBA

The BBA is dedicated to lobbying and supporting the effective business activity of Black entrepreneurs and owners, demonstrating the investable credibility of Black business and significantly influencing the government's agenda on racial injustice, discrimination, and economic empowerment.


The association brings together Black business owners and employees to create a purposeful outlet, enabling networking and promoting Black entrepreneurs and business owners in the capital. The BBA group will also provide a forum to collectively address barriers to equality in London’s economy.



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