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We're making headlines!

Melanin Travels Magic has been featured in several international media outlets (in the USA, France, UK, Malaysia, and Africa), since its initial launch. Podcasts, Online articles, Interviews, and IG Live.

Our Founder Travel expertise and serial ex-pat experience have been featured by Essence & Travel Noire and many other media outlets.
We love talking about:


  • Why safe solo travel is great for your mental health and your perspective on cultural difference


  • Why does being a black ex-pat shift your mindset on national pride and how you can design a new life

  • Contact Us to speak to your group or audience about why Black people and specifically Black Women should solo travel to expand their minds, learn a new skill set, and care about their mental health and how solo travel and relocation abroad changed my life for the better. 

  • Alternatively, schedule a Zoom Call on our

      Calendly below and indicate the subject of your enquiry.

We are available for Speaking Engagements and Interviews:
  • Guest Panelist

  • Online Workshops

  • Freelance Travel Writer

  • Podcast interviews

  • YouTube interviews

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Whether you would like to take part in our future group trips or need assistance with organizing your upcoming solo trip. We're happy to help.

Feel free to reach out to

Book a complimentary Discovery Call on Calendly

Want to visit the Motherland?

Why not Book a Discovery Call to help you plan your next trip to Africa? Click here for more info. Check out our recent client's experiences and testimonials here

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