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Top 10 ways to find cheap flights in 2023

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

If you are like us and wish you could travel more, like we did in 2022, we then travelled around 8 times. We also have helped over 150 clients discover and explore Tanzania, Brazil, Ghana and Jamaica, North America, and London seamlessly with the support of our local on-site guides.

If you have missed out on 2022 travel recovery post covid, when Flight tickets were much cheaper and some still had flexible clauses to re-schedule in case of another pandemic outbreak… We unfortunately have entered a period of “recession” with high inflation, coupled with higher energy prices' hike and some Eastern European conflicts which have impacted not only the air space but also the price of oil and your typical airfare.

If, you are still positive about making the most of your bucket list in 2023, look no further and let us guide you.

We have previously teased you with the following post: Top ten sites to find cheap flights in 2023

Here's a list of 10 creative ways to find cheaper flight tickets in 2023

1. If you are flexible with your travel dates:

a. You have flexibility around your travel dates for your favourite or next destination, we would suggest you consider the following websites and use a few known features to find your best deal across different dates/ months.

b. Momondo – If you look for a particular destination, you will see a full page of graph and info on the best Return flight, best one-way flight, cheapest last-minute return flight, which day should you travel to find the cheapest flight, and which airport, should you consider layover to cut some extra cash on the flight ticket price. See below.

c. Google Flight: if you use the Price graph & The price grid then you can scroll more to see the cheapest flight price appear in green highlight.

d. Skyscanner if you put Month instead of full dates, you will be able to see when in each month what the key dates are to find your cheapest flight.

2. Are you flexible with your destination?

a. Google flight is your best friend then, enter under destination "Anywhere", magically a map should appear showing Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and North America and if you zoom in you will see all the ticket flight prices for each country from your home airport and can decide from there.

b. Skyscanner if you enter “Everywhere” under destination, will then populate a big list starting usually with countries closer to you, if based in UK, all the European countries up to Asia and indicate average prices across 3 to 10 major cities in those countries.

3. Are you a travel influencer, a travel writer or do you own a tour operator or travel agency?

a. You could have access to FAM Trips or Press Trips when a destination tourism Office generally invites you for a few days to 1 or 2 weeks to try out all the activities, and major attractions within the country under a certain theme or circuit. You will have hotels, food and activities paid for and access to discounted airfare/ flight tickets with the participating airlines.

4. Buddy Up!

Reconsider your immediate circle of family & friends, do you know anyone working for an airline and who could take you along on their next trip as a Buddy, under their buddy pass? You could potentially travel for free or at a massively reduced fare with them, sometimes subject to availability, it could mean travelling last minute! So be prepared and pack up now! Time to reconnect!

5. Book your flight ticket early!

During the next flight sale usually in January & April/ May when you live in UK. On average according to Momondo Flights are massively cheaper 53 days prior to your departure date

6. Look for Last Minute deals :

a. Best be prepared though and have done your homework previously by registering for some key newsletters and what’s app groups.

7. Register with Flight deals Newsletters:

a. UK: Jack's flight club - Personally, we subscribed to the paid version with alerts of interesting flight offers around the world

b. Secret Flying – UK & USA

c. Holidays pirates What’s app group with flights or holidays packages deals.

8. Travel Mid-week

a. It’s been proven that Flight tickets departing on Tuesdays & Wednesdays and early morning are cheaper on average and you avoid queues at the airport while checking in.

9. Book with layovers, and avoid direct flights

a.It can save you a few 100’s $ or £ or EUR, especially for long-haul destinations. We recently save over £400 to £500 by booking 2 different flights to go from London to Atlanta via New York.

10. Think about visiting 2 countries in 1 trip

Leverage hubs airports such as the one listed below which we’ve done ourselves in the past:

a. Miami => Mexico

b. Montreal => Cuba London +. Montreal flight was under £350 (from in March time) and Montreal Cuba in the $150 return with Air Transat at the time.

c. Reykjavik => Washington or any major city in the US, we enjoyed a 3 day and 2 nights layover in Iceland to visit some of the most volcanic and impressive landscapes, the Black sand beach, and the impressive gigantic waterfalls

d. Sweden => Norway On our trip to observe Northern lights we travelled via Stockholm, then flew 6 h later to Abisko National Park and drove 20 min away to Norway and were able to hike by an authentic fjord

e. Nairobi => East & Central Africa

f. South Africa => Zimbabwe to spend a few days by Victoria Falls using a low-cost airline.

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