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Top ten sites to find cheap flights in 2023

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Happy New Year to you and I wish you lots of love, health and prosperity in 2023! Travel has increased a lot in 2022. We have personally traveled around 8 times and have helped around 20 clients discover and explore Tanzania, Brazil, Ghana and Jamaica seamlessly with the support of our local on-site guides . Here's a list of our favorite websites to research cheap flights before our next travel adventure!

•Skyscanner - Leader sand our favourite, you can also use its sister site if you're up for longer layovers and cheaper fares

•Google Flight - One of the most flexible and flexible tools thanks to the different filters by dates, full calendar month tariff view or tariff grid

•Kayak - Ideal for multi-city travel and depends on the country you are connecting from. They seem to be very competitive from France - A leading UK website for last minute deals and packages

•Momondo - Clear and colorful dashboard

•Jack's flight club - Personally, we subscribed to the paid version with alerts of interesting flight offers around the world

•Expedia - A classic for flights and packages

•Agoda - from Asia you can have advantageous flights

•Hopper - The powerful bunny that allows you to track the price of a flight and leave a booking option at a fixed price. The application is a matter of course

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