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Top 10 tips to plan your next trip more efficiently

As we have recently been on two long haul trips in 2 months, notably Zanzibar and The USA (New York & Atlanta) with multiple layovers, we thought it would be great to share some of the most practical tips we’ve been using as an experienced solo Frequent traveller.

Our first trip was pure leisure and content creation and her second one was more business related, to be an official content creator & exhibitor / vendor at the Black Travel Expo, read more here taken place in Atlanta from 8 to 10th June 2023.

1. Pre-save all your accommodation and main location you will be visiting in Uber app

Pre-save all your accommodation and main location you will be visiting in your favourite Hail riding app, such as Uber or equivalent. It will save you time and battery when on the move every day, especially if you visit a city with limited public transportation available.

2. Use a luggage storage facility service

If you opt for a daytrip or long layover or daycation, to free up your move you can use a luggage storage facility at your nearest airport, train station or within the city centre with apps like Bounce.

· We’ve tried it for the first time in New York City, while staying in Harlem for les than $17 for 2 piece of luggage + $10,000 insurance cover.

· Very easy to use, create an account, link your credit card.

· Locate the nearest small business/ shop supporting the service around you, make a booking with the specific timeframe, for example 24 h from 9 am (drop off) to 5 pm as a pickup time

· Once you pay for security purposes the app will send you a receipt and booking confirmation with the shop/ small business exact location & a Booking reference.

· Go and drop off your luggage, the shop owner will collect them and supply you with collect blue tags.

· Go and roam the city as you please.

· Come back at pick up time, showcase your pickup tags/ labels and go back to the airport r train station to continue your trip.

· Bounce will email you a feedback form on your experience and a review within 24 hours

· Bounce app & affordable luggage storage service is available in several countries notably, USA, UK, & Europe, Australia … and over 1,000 cities globally.

3. Buy our foreign currency ahead of your trip

Buy our foreign currency, especially USD, EUR ahead of your trip, as it’s notably known than airport change bureau will give you the worst exchange rate! Depending on your destination and where you live, usually you can find the best rate either next to hub train station or online and have it delivered home or go and collect it about 1 to 2 weeks ahead of your trip departure date.

4. Pack 48H – 24h prior your flight date and use packing cubes.

They are a life saviour in trip as you don’t need to undo your whole suitcase content every day and repack it if you are on an extensive road trip and you must move around and change hotel/ accommodation frequently. I usually take them out of the suitcase and place them in a chest of drawers in the room I will be staying, whether Hotel, guest house or Airbnb and equivalent.

5. Prepare a packing checklist

List out all the items you want to pack, bring along at least 48H before you check in, so you can cross check it a few hours or the day before departure. It’s the best way not to forget anything valuable like Travel money, visa, vaccination card, converter plugs or travel documents.

6. Use small container bottles for your favorite Beauty & cosmetics products

Use small container bottles to store about 100 ml or less of your favourite beauty products if you only travel with a carry on.

7. Keep all of your electronics cables in one place

Keep all of your electronics cables in one pouch, small bag. The more you are organising the less you will struggle searching or losing things while on trip.

8. Store scanned & paper copy of your passport & travel documents in a safe place

Make sure you have copies of your passport somewhere safe other than your main handbag in case you lose the original one. This will help you being stranded and proceed to police loss or theft declaration and admin proceed for an emergency passport at your local embassy in a smooth manner.

9. Use tracking device to trace in real time the location of your checked in luggage

Buy and carry in all of your check in luggage some Apple Airtag or Android equivalent (Tile) to track the exact location of your luggage, if you are afraid they could go missing , especially with multiple layovers.

10. Research all activities ahead of your trip

Research all activities ahead of your trip by yourself or hire a travel planner to assist you! Depending on the type of trip you will be doing city break, beach, birthday and special occasion, adventure travel, this will save you at least 40h of intensive research online.

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