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Cinq Mois, Cinq Pays: Finding Answers in Exploring Five African Nations in Five Months

Updated: May 4

#1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? How did you get the travel bug?

Hi! My name is Mochum, a Black French woman. I was born and raised in Paris but my roots are in Cameroon. As my parents left their home country in a quest for a better future, they became my very quintessence of “travellers.”

Due to my dad’s job, we moved countries a few times. As I grew older, we started to travel abroad for holidays and this is really when I started enjoying travelling.

At 20, I pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone and travel alone. I started locally in France; then little by little, I gained enough confidence to travel to further destinations.

#2. What inspired you to pursue your career and how did you get there?

I did an internship during my studies at a bank in budget & controlling which I enjoyed a lot and so I decided to study in that field. After graduating from business school, I started my career in finance but I always knew that I was not going to do that forever.

#3. Please tell us more about your recent travel project of visiting ⅚ African countries in less than 6 months.

When the pandemic hit, I started to reflect a lot on myself, my career and my dreams. Even though I knew that I was not going to work in finance forever, I was not expecting to have such a shift in my life so early. It took a loss in my family for me to decide that I needed a break and explore more on the thoughts I had during the lock-down.

I felt that I needed to reconnect with the continent in a very slow and stress-less way so I looked at my finances and estimated that I could travel for about five months comfortably. I told myself that if I am to relocate to somewhere in Africa, then I should consider a few countries. Then I landed on: 'five months, five countries.'

I started with Senegal, then Ivory coast, Benin, Ghana and Rwanda (eventually added South Africa for my birthday). It was a life changing experience. A slow travel to explore the soft life in these countries and to answer my main and crucial question ‘Could I live and enjoy it in here?

#4. What's your secret to finding awesome black-owned holiday stays for your website?

Ironically, Black-owned holiday stays are not quite the norm in the countries I have visited, which is surprising considering African countries.

Instagram is a very rich source of findings; I sometimes write directly to people to ask them for recommendations or just look at specific accounts. Finally, I ask locals when I visit for additional recommendations as well.

5.How did you plan each trip? As you have been experiencing slow travel, what have your learned, loved and disliked in each country?

I did not do too much planning as this was a really slow travel, not focused on tourism/vacation but rather on living an experience as a ‘resident’ if I can say. The only things I had to plan were: finding info about visa, booking an accommodation for the month and buying my flights tickets.

I have absolutely loved this way of travelling honestly, it allowed me to rest, to plan my day-to-day, to exercise, to explore and to meet new people, all of that, with intentions.

I have learned that its essential to take time, to slow down, to listen, to communicate, to clarify in order to appreciate things and people.

Since I was focused on capital cities (or main city) where I have spent most of the time, I’d say I have loved Dakar, Cotonou and Kigali for their architecture and their strong African identity, I have loved Abidjan and Accra for their people and food.

I was not a fan of the food in Dakar, I felt that Kigali and Cotonou were a bit small and too chilled cities and maybe I disliked seeing how Accra is being gentrified.

#6. Do you still feel excited about booking flights for yourself and taking a break from your routine?

Always! I truly love planning spontaneous (or not!) adventures.

#7. What's the one thing you wish someone had told you before embarking on your African travel epic adventure?

Probably that the idea I had of Africa was extremely cliché. That unfortunately a lot of foreigners are abusing and corrupting the governments and people. Many industries and key sectors do not even belong to the people. It was quite a big (negative) shock for me.

#8. What are your top 5 countries to visit & why? What are your favourite activities while travelling?

In Africa, I’d say the five I have visited because they were all amazing in different ways. You will learn about history, ancestral religion/cults, you will see diversity in the people and food as well as many regions to explore for getaways or leisure.

I love granting myself a nice getaway: a bit luxury, maybe a nice view or a SPA experience. I always take time to visit a museum or go to an art show.

Outside of the African continent, I have loved the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Greece and Portugal.

#9. What are you top 3 safety tips for black women solo travelers?

  • One: travel only to “Black-friendly” places

  • Second: avoid saying you’re solo travelling

  • Last: always buy a SIM card with data and share your live location to family.

#10. What are your top 3 tips to travel more in Africa in 2023?

One: If you can, travel while working (if you are a digital nomad), this will allow you to secure cheaper flight tickets/accommodations during low season.

Second: Avoid travelling solo so you can save a lot on your budget (accommodation) and travel more destinations.

Last: If you are not an experienced solo traveler, I recommend you reach out to travel planners, this will truly ensure you better rates, experiences and safety.

You can also watch the Youtube version of the interview here

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