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Travelling Africa: an interview with a Female solo traveller from the continent :

Updated: Jan 11

Think travel is expensive? Try fashion trends; Think seeing the world takes tonnes of cash? Try harnessing a cars collection; Think meeting diverse personalities and cultures is an inexhaustible bucket list? Try catching the tail of technological advancement.

Like any other passion or hobby, travelling is equally as affordable as any other interest that takes up the greatest portion of one’s salary/ profits.

In an interview with Jooryn Nina, a travel lover, she explains that travelling and seeing the world does not mean having so much money.

Jooryn Nina is a Cameroonian beauty who has been to nine African countries and is set to explore even more. Melanin Travels Magic (MTM) been intrigued by her charismatic lifestyle and travelling addiction sought to have a sit down with her.

Her love for travel as she indicated, stems from her mom as Mama Jooryn loves travelling and adventurers as well.

Image of an African lady sitting in a lawn of a hotel with a breakfast table before her.
San Pedro, Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire)

“Growing up as a kid, I have naturally always been curious and loved to see things for myself and go places. As little as thirteen (13) I got into trouble with my mom one day when I saved up enough money and went to see a movie at a cinema in the city. I came back and it was a little dark and my mom was very mad…she started asking all sought of questions: ‘why did you go all by yourself; where did you even get money to go see a movie?’ But this woman had forgotten it was around the same age she would send me on a bus all on my own to go visit my grandma. So, from childhood, I have always been curious and loved going places.”

When asked ‘how she finds cheap flights when touring,’ Nina’s suggestions was the first on our list: “I use Skyscanner most of the time to fine cheap flights and planning my trips. Sometimes actually I can change locations when I go there and find that some of the destinations would rather cost less to travel to.

There was this time when I was thinking of going to Seychelles and I got online and realized that going to Uganda would be $300 dollars less, should I choose to go to Seychelles regardless. Although that wasn’t my initial plan, it just seemed cool to postpone Seychelles at that moment. Other times too I use google flights as well. But mostly Skyscanner.”

Image of a lady sitting in front of the beautiful gate of an ancient building in Porto Novo, Benin
Porto Novo, Benin

Nina in a word of advice for other Africans looking to explore the continent said: “If you want to travel around Africa and the rest of the world, I say this especially to the young girls, then stop waiting! You don’t have to start by wanting to go to Paris. Travelling is like any other passion people can have.

Personally, I enjoy travelling and trying new things. So, I just put my money where my heart is. Many people think I am rich because I travel a lot. No! I am not rich. Before I can travel to any destination and have any trip, I equally cut down expenses on other areas to be able to meet the plans and the budget."

"So, stop waiting. You can just start immediately around you: by going to the next city; to the tourist site around you or to the next town. Then slowly, you will be motivated to go a little farther and you would naturally start saving and planning for the next trip, and the next. I tell you, its priceless what benefits you get from travelling: the diversity of nature, the knowledge and all the fun. Ouu! Travelling is amazing!!”

As Jooryn Nina - tap on name to follow on Instagram - has shared her priceless experiences, if you are reading this and fancy travelling across Africa and the world, we at Melanin Travels Magic know exactly the right places and the affordable packages that would send you on an eternally ON-mode for travelling and touring for starters. Follow us on all social media handles and be updated on the packages and destinations that may catch your interest.

"Alors, n'attendez plus. Vous pouvez simplement commencer tout de suite autour de vous :

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This is inspiring. I am currently doing local travels in Nigeria. From 2025, I hope to start inter-Africa travels, starting from Zimbabwe.

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