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Here Are Insanely Affordable Serene Cities for Digital Nomads in Africa in 2024

Updated: Jun 22



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  2. Cairo and Luxor, Egypt | Skip to details

  3. Nairobi, Kenya | Skip to details

  4. Marrakesh &co, Morocco | Skip to details

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An African lady working outdoors by the pool

Have you ever considered being a Digital Nomad in Africa? This is no longer a dream but a reality for over nearly 90,000 individuals according to a recent study by Resume.IO report

"Change is imperative; those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything at all." The stark reality is that digital nomadism is here to stay. Just like the harsh realities that normalized it, virus outbreaks (the COVID-19 pandemic.).

One needs not to be reminded too often that Africa is the new land of fresh and promising tourism and endless new possibilities.

In today's article, we seek to enlighten you on five affordable and insanely serene cities that are best; both for digital nomads to work on the road and discover Africa as well along the way.

1. Zanzibar, Tanzania

A beach experience in Zanzibar Island

Digital nomads roaming the streets and beaches of Zanzibar is not the picture that comes to mind when you think of Tanzania and the Zanzibar Island.

However, Zanzibar Is the king of the block when digital nomadism in Africa is concerned. What is more inspiring and rejuvenating than a gaze over the beautiful blue brightly shimmering hues of the water that is in the distance?

Of course, while you sit with your laptop and do some work. Where and where not to explore as a tourist is not going to be discussed here but what you need to know is that; the is good internet connectivity, accommodations for low prices, great food and easy transport at low fares for digital nomads in Zanzibar.

2. Cairo and Luxor, Egypt

A camel by the Giza pyramids

With two pronouncing cities to choose from, the land of the pharaohs offer you Luxor and Hurghada. And of course, Cairo itself. The Giza pyramids, museums and art centres, religious tourism and whatnot. Aside from being a digital nomad having a cheap city experience to practice nomadism, these few places are there for your exploration. Egypt is renowned for several things.

Key among them is The Valley of Kings, just outside one of our recommended cities, Luxor, for digital nomads. Deciding to choose Egypt as a cheap destination for a digital nomad is probably one of the best decisions you would ever make because the ancient city has more history than you can phantom.

With as little as five hundred dollars ($500) one could get a high rating space torrent for a month; a little under a dollar for subway transport and less than five dollars for a great restaurant experience.

3. Nairobi, Kenya

In the list, Kenya comes in as the middle child for nomads. There is Diani for a beach-refresh experience and other city tour options such as Naivasha for a picturesque vibe. Nairobi boasts of good infrastructure, making it easy for digital nomads to connect to free Wi-Fi or purchase a SIM card for internet use.

Working while aboard

You know what is more intriguing: with as little as $10, you get an unlimited monthly internet package to work almost anywhere.

Whether you’re working remotely or taking a break, Nairobi’s improved internet connectivity ensures you stay connected effortlessly. Interestingly, the cost of living in Nairobi is appealing to digital nomads. You can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Plus, there’s a remarkable English-communicating population, making getting around hassle-free. Gigiri is considered one of the neighbourhoods in Nairobi where there is a great population of digital nomads.

4. Marrakesh and other cities, Morocco

digital nomad, laptop, swimming pool
A digital nomad working by the pool

Morocco Marrakesh might not strike you as a land-friendly to work. Maybe, like many fun-thinkers, it is just the destination for pleasure but believe me, Morocco is winning the hearts of many looking to work while on the road.

Morocco offers several cities that are popular among digital nomads due to their vibrant culture, affordable cost of living, and good internet connectivity. They include Marrakesh, Rabat, and Casablanca, just to mention a few.

5. Cape Town, South Africa

Beautiful view in Cape Town

A destination rich with undistilled, undaunted and undisturbed weekend fun and a vibrant nightlife. Permit me to introduce another favourite city of digital nomads on the motherland, Cape Town, South Africa. Aside from parks and beautiful wildlife, South Africa presents digital nomads with serene yet, affordable locations to work from.

Cape Town has a mild Mediterranean climate and is a safe place for tourists

and nomads alike should they take control of their well-being.

So pack your bags and oh, don't forget your laptop charger for you will have work and fun.

Africa’s most popular digital nomad destinations

A recent Resume.IO report has provided a list of countries attracting the most digital nomads based on social media posts using digital nomad-related hashtags. While it may not be the most scientific approach, it has revealed where digital nomads are heading in Africa.

  • Morocco – 22,411 in the last year.

  • South Africa – 20,402 in the last year.

  • Egypt – 12,674 in the last year.

  • Mauritius – 6,801 in the last year.

  • Tanzania – 4,482 in the last year.

  • Kenya – 4,328 in the last year.

  • Namibia – 3,091 in the last year.

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BONUS Cities for Digital Nomads in Africa

Zanzibar, working remotely, Stone Town, Difgital Nomad
Laptop View from The Box By Ashely Restaurant in Stone Town , Zanzibar

Well, maybe you are still interested in knowing more about the cities that could be a go-to as well, for digital nomads. Since you are still reading on, I suppose we should give you two bonus recommendations.

(A) Windhoek, Namibia

Blue car, Parking, Namibia
Blue car Parked in Namibia

Being a rising star in the sphere of cities best for digital nomads, Windhoek, a lovely city in Namibia is a great place to live, tour and work while away. With a friendly and loving local population, one attractive thing too is the Namib desert and antique German colonial history. With several parks and tourist destinations to explore, the country presents nomads with a glowing spectacle to view Africa.

(B) Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire

Cameroonian lady, Abidjan, Parking, Bakery
Jooryn posing in Abidjan

A good friend to Melanin Travel Magic recently relocated to Abidjan as an expat to settle and start her own venture due to the beauty and diversity of the country.

Just a few kilometers to it's closest in comparison in Ghana, Accra is accessible by bus and a good destination for digital nomads as well.

Abidjan, which recently hosted the just ended CAN games is a city with a good diaspora population which makes it ideal for nomadism aside its low yet rich cost of living.

What then could you possibly be waiting for? Pack a few stuff, and grab your office laptop with you and let Africa do the rest. But then, you would have to have a tourist plan as well. Worry not, that is exactly why we are here for you. Check out some of our plans and work with us.


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