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8 Best Places to Eat Near Charles de Gaulle Airport While on a Long Layover in Paris

Updated: Jun 16

Credits : Melanin Travels Magic

Charles de Gaulle Airport, also known as Roissy Airport, is located in Paris, France, and is the largest international airport in the country. In fact, it is one of the busiest in Europe and they handle approximately 76.2 million passengers per year.

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The airport is located in Roissy-en-France just 14 miles east of downtown Paris so you can find hundreds of fantastic eateries nearby.


Credits: Unsplash, Michelle Henderson

The only restaurant in Paris with three Michelin stars and a four-starred chef, Epicure is located in the sophisticated Le Bristol Hotel. With fine china, exquisite linens, and chandeliers, you will feel like royalty. And you will be treated like royalty here because the service is professional and impeccable.

Epicure’s elegant dining room overlooking their garden is a stunning way to enjoy your meal no matter what he cooks. But Chef Éric Fréchon is known for his savory parmesan au gratin, duck foie gras with artichokes, and mouthwatering pasta stuffed with black truffle.


Credits: Unsplash Deniv Nevozhai

Aspic is a Michelin-starred bistro that is known for its fine dining, sophisticated décor, and wonderful ambiance. Located just to the northeast of the Eiffel Tower, this cozy and quaint eatery is a perfect place to eat before or after visiting the country’s most popular attraction.

Their menu changes often but you can be certain to get a supreme meal with seven courses served up in creative and photo-worthy ways. Typical ingredients include line-caught fish from local fishermen, free-range poultry and meat, and the freshest herbs and spices you can get.

Le Cinq

Another fabulous three-starred restaurant near the Eiffel Tower, Le Cinq is at the Four Seasons Hotel. It is directed by Chef Christian Le Squer, who was voted Chef of the year in 2016. The dazzling dining room is decorated in palm trees and roses as well as gorgeous architectural accents.

Two of the chef’s specialties include organic eggnog soup with bacon and truffle and standing spaghetti gratin with Paris ham and mushrooms. But don’t miss the desserts. Choose from crispy thin vanilla pancakes with malted caramel, candied grapefruit, or banana transparency to name a few.

The Bouillon Chartier

For a more casual and less expensive meal that is still delicious, try the Bouillon Chartier. A classic brasserie that has been serving spectacular food for over 100 years, the large dining room is filled with huge columns, brass railings, and mirrors to make it look even larger while still feeling comfortable.

The menu is quite large as well featuring everything from artichokes to zucchini and everything in between. Try the duck confit with shot apples, grilled rump steak with fries, or roasted free-range chicken. For dessert, they offer chocolate mousse, rice pudding, and four flavors of ice cream and sorbet.

Mobster Diner

Looking for a burger and fries? Mobster Diner has fresh and juicy burgers made from the finest beef. The diner itself is small and friendly, decorated with mobster photos and a fun trendy vibe. The service is impeccable for a burger joint, and you will love the beer selection if you like beer.

Choose from seven different burgers. The Gatsby is their most popular, which has a double cheddar burger with onions, tomatoes, and house sauce on baker’s bread. The Duke has cheddar, lettuce, bacon, tomato, onion, and house sauce and the Flapper is a vegetarian burger with soya and vegetables.

Fajitas Restaurant

Chef Miguel may be known for his scrumptious fajitas, but you can get more than just fajitas at Fajitas Restaurant. The quesadillas are warm flour tortillas stuffed with guacamole, melted cheese, and whatever else you want inside. The taquitos are crispy and filled with chicken, guacamole, and salsa.

Their salads are great too with all sorts of veggies like corn, tomatoes, peppers, and goat cheese on fresh lettuce with your choice of dressing. The enchiladas and burritos are also tasty. Or get nachos doused in creamy nacho cheese and your choice of toppings. Be sure to try their frozen margarita or pina colada.


If you are in the mood for a pizza, you can find many pizza places in Paris but one of the most popular is Papelli. This place is so serious about their Italian pies that they have a laboratory where they test the products they have flown in from Italy. Besides pizza, you can get salads and sides as well.

Papelli has a variety of toppings, and they feature 17 different specialty pizzas. The Melanzana boasts milk flowers, aubergines, mozzarella, olives, and tomatoes and the Tuna has tomatoes, arugula, tuna, onion, and mozza. They even have chocolate fondant, pannacotta, and tiramisu for dessert.

Don’t Forget Dessert

Credits: Unsplash Kelly

Speaking of dessert, you cannot go to Paris without trying a macaron or éclair. The tarts and crepes are also pretty famous. You can get all that and more at Amorino Gelato. But this place is most famous for its flower cones, and they have 28 flavors to choose from like organic citrus, blueberry cheesecake, lime & basil, and cream & black cherries.

Their gelato macarons are mouthwatering magic too with flavors like pineapple and yuzu, mango, cheesecake, caramello, and pistachio. But you have to try their light and flaky crepes with your favorite flavor of gelato and sauce sprinkled with powdered sugar and homemade whipped cream.

After you dine, you must at least go see the Eiffel Tower even if you don’t go inside. The Louvre is also a must-see, featuring the most famous painting in the world, the Mona Lisa, and a stunning crystal pyramid entrance. In the heart of Paris, Notre Dame is another place you cannot pass up, built-in 1163.

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