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About Us

MTM is an online tour operator specialising in Black heritage, cultural and leisure experiences in Black nations for the Black diaspora and POC.

We have just been nominated for 2 awards:​

  • Award nomination 2024 UK Best Black-Owned & Focused Travel Operator UK SME 

  • Award nomination 2024   Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Business of the Year - SME Business Awards


We help plan and organise Bespoke Corporate retreats, Group trips, and Solo trips  Outbound to Africa, The Caribbean and Central America for our African and Caribbean descent clients who struggle with finding relevant and reliable transportation, accommodation, guided tours and activities, and cheaper flight packages.

Our Work

We're planning more than our client's holidays but impactful, life-transforming cultural & and leisure experiences.

We plan and organise Bespoke & and safe travel experience packages for our clients, helping them source reliable transportation, accommodation, guided activities, and unique cultural experiences breaking stereotypes about Africa, the Caribbean & and Brazil.

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