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Top 6 major travel upcoming changes in 2023

Updated: Jan 10

Happy New year to you and wishing you plenty of Love, Health and Prosperity in 2023! Travel has been picking up greatly in 2022. We have personally traveled about 8 times and have helped around 20 customers discover & explore Tanzania, Brasil, Ghana and Jamaica seamlessly with the support of our local guides in location.

If you are wondering what's next in travel that will impact you directly or indirectly depending on from where you are flying from. Look no further, we got you! Here are the next 6 major changes which will change the way you travel in 2023.

1. Farewell to the 100ML cosmetics bottle limit in your carry-on

What a relief! If you are departing from UK/ Europe this new amend to the law enforced after September 11th major attacks, have been long due. We remember once boarding a business flight to Alicante in Spain, and being gutted to get all our luxury make up products trashed in front of our sobbing eyes, at Gatwick airport, London! We literally cried and begged because as a black woman

1) Finding the right products was a big deal and I invested in nice products to avoid any skin rash or allergies!

2) I used to suffer from acne and dark spots, sensitive combination skin you name it I got it ! lol. So finding the right product is a big challenge and it's pricey!

We are so ready to say goodbye to this over 100 ML liquid products ban at security gate in UK airports soon.

It's due to be fully enforced by end of 2024 and will start progressively from early 2023.

2. Indonesia to ban Sex outside of Marriage

To all tourists and digital nomads heading to Bali with the new 5 year digital nomad visa, put your hands up? Sometimes most people tend to forget that Bali, despite the cool landscape and swings, remains and belongs to a conservative Muslim archipelago with one of the largest Muslim population in the world. When in Rome do as the Romans as they say!

Worry not, if you fancy going and having your bikini body taken next to the most amazing infinity flower pool or fountains with your partner, boyfriend you can still go in baecation until 2026, prior this new law to be fully enforced! You won't be affected in 2023!

3. Visitation & Tourist tax to limit access to the most popular tourist sites

Travel has we used to know it without health requirement , screening, PCR, antigen? Do you remember those pandemic hurdles? We certainly do remember having to take up to 3 to 5 tests to go back home in france from UK, and renonciating to visit the family for a wekkend. You have to plan so long ahead, research for the cheapest and available PCR tests in town and extend your trip to at least 1 week for it to worth the investment.

Now think in a context of sustainbility and more responsible travel post pandemic. Travel has been experimenting a boom throughout 2022! Some countries have been worrying that it could have created some damages on historical sites.

Places like Venice, in Italy, in order to preserve historical sites will progressively introduce a cap on the number of visitors allowed to enter and visit the city daily. Your next European city break would definately need to be planned well ahead as a consequence, by avoiding peak days.

Tourists will be required to make a reservation through a digital system and pay a daily fee, estimated in between 3 to 10 euros depending on days.

4. ETIAS will be requested for travel to Europe

To all the non European passport holders citizens wanting to venture, visit Europe and the Shenghen Space, from November 2023, they will need to apply for a visitor/ tourist visa prior entering immigration/ border control at their landing point.

ETIAS stands for European Travel Information and Authorisation System, it's an electronic authorisaton systems of the European Union covering the Schengehn area.

It is due to take place from November 2023, visitors from the UK, Canada, USA, Australia and more countries will be required an ETIAS to enter any of the member countries of the Schengen zone.

An ETIAS can be valid for up to 3 years or until your passort expires, whichever happens first.

5. Lie-flat beds will be availble in-flight in Economy class

If you have always dream about those comfortable lay-in beds from first and business class but never been able to afford it, the dream is now over!

German airline Lufthansa has recently made your dream come true: Affordlable luxury at economy class prices!

How does it work: Apparently you will need to book 3 seats in a same row and convert it to a bed with mattress and will be supplied with a cover and some cushion! Ready to sleep in -flight more comfortably? More details on Lufthansa website :

Images: Instagram @lufthansa

6. 5G Frequency band finally allowed while flying

Dreaming of still talking to relatives while flying? Well, this sci fi moment is soon to become reality from 30th June 2023, Airlines have already announced the new European Unioon regulations allowing them to have 5G Frequency band while onflight for their customers.

Is this a dream of a nightmare if you are stuck in economy next to noisy seat neighbourgs?

It's also unnknown how much the airlines will be charging , so it may stay a priviledge for now!

What do you think? Leave some comments on how you would welcome the idea of non peacefull flights !

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