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Three must visit places in Ghana in 2023

Updated: Jan 2

Africa is the new land of investment, trade, tourism and unexplored regal culture despite how the continent is still being misrepresented in the eyes of foreigners and diaspora Africans. Time however is changing the narrative. Come live the present demand of time with Melanin Travels Magic (MTM) here in Ghana. Ghana like most African nations is endowed with diverse rich and beautiful cultures and intriguing sites to see.

Whether you are in the continent for trade or yet to come for trade or travel, Ghana is surely a very iconic country to visit: historically, Ghana is the big brother of Africa’s freedom from slavery; and the torch bearer in the reclamation of Africa’s independence from physical colonial rule. The country was the first African country to regain independence from colonial rule in the year 1957.

Interestingly, colonial history is not the only marvel of this nation: the culture and landscape of Ghana alone is worth the visit, experience and involvement. In today’s article, we seek to share with you three sites in this vast world which you should visit. And these are endowed to the country, Ghana.


Built by the Portuguese a decade after their arrival on the Gold Coast (now Ghana) in the year 1472, history has it that the Elmina Castle is the oldest colonial building in Africa. Is the prestige alone of this great edifice not worth your priceless eyes? If yes, this is another thing that may interest you: the castle is located at the edge of the south Atlantic sea. The position of this must-see castle in the world (Ghana) gives you a grand view to enjoy or cry with the sight of the sea and soothing sounds of it. The Castle also represents the beginning of a journey of no return depending on what time and elevation in human history you view the sea in.


Located within the savanna land tourism area, the Mole National Park is found in the Northern Region of Ghana. Whether you are an animal person, a social media person, an ambassador, a governor, an artist or just a naturalist, we at MTM know just where you could enjoy your passion.

While enjoying the forest birds sing, join the sun to rise, see the natural beauty in the life of the forest giants as the elephants of the park seek the sun as well. Enjoy some time and moment with them under the professional supervision of the welcoming staff always ready to receive their guests. As the sun warms up, the cozy and artistically African restaurant of the park is just about the right place to blow off some steam with a bowl or plate of locally/ continentally made dishes and a bottle of what you wish to drink. The jumpy monkeys would probably not let you finish your treat as they might let you jump with them in excitement.

Where as no amount of description can make you feel the emotions, history and joy, the various animals you will encounter, will be worthy of your time.

“I can’t believe that elephants could be that friendly, you know” a patron of MTM said when asked about her experience.


Of about the ten falls located in various parts of the country, the Kintampo waterfalls has three falls on site. The highest of which measures about twenty-five metres (25m, thus 82.02ft). The river forming the fall goes further after a few cascades and levels, and then falls about seventy metres (70m, thus 229.96ft) down. This hair-raising site is located along the North of Kintampo, about four kilometres (4kms, thus about 2.5miles) from the Kintampo municipality.

This divinely crafted falls take their source from the Pumpum river located about ten kilometres (10km, away in a village called Pumpumatifi ). A chilled drink is one thing to enjoy at this astonishing tourist attraction, trekking is also another activity that is available to visitors. For the pool lovers as well, one could swim at the Kintampo water falls too. Come enjoy trekking, swimming or mere sightseeing in one blissful site in Ghana.

As you come to explore Ghana, let the castle of the south be your introduction to slavery in Africa.

Let the forest of the north be your relief from the mixed feelings as you connect with flora and fauna; as you head back home, let the Kintampo water falls of the centre of Ghana be your reconciliation to history, and yourself.

Fancy help with planning your next Ghanian cultural and leisure getaway?

We hope we have given you a good idea of what to do in Ghana next time you’d like to visit. If you fancy a mixture of black heritage and leisure experiences, we got you!

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