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Top 10 tips to travel cheaper in 2023-2024

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

As we’ve all noticed higher airfare in 2023 compared to 2022, when we were hoping on and off flights like merry go round in Disneyland! We thought as a good reminder on how to keep that travel budget in check and save on your next wanderlust adventure could help!

I've got you covered with these top 10 tips to help you travel more affordably:

1. Be Flexible with Dates and Destinations: Travel during off-peak seasons and consider less touristy destinations for lower costs.

2. Set Fare Alerts: Subscribe to fare alerts from airlines and travel websites to snag the best deals on flights.

3. Embrace the Sharing Economy: Book accommodations through platforms like Airbnb or Couchsurfing for cheaper alternatives to hotels.

4. Travel Light: Pack only the essentials to avoid baggage fees and travel easily.

5. Use Public Transportation: Opt for local buses, trains, or trams, tuk tuk /bajiji or motorbike instead of taxis or private transfers to save money on transportation.

6. Eat Like a Local: Discover local eateries and street food markets to enjoy delicious and affordable meals.

7. Research Free Activities: Seek out free attractions, museums with free admission days, or walking tours to explore the destination without breaking the bank.

8. Travel in a Group: Splitting costs with friends or joining group tours can help reduce expenses on accommodation, transportation, and activities.

9. Be Mindful of Currency Exchange Rates: Keep an eye on exchange rates to get the most bang for your buck when withdrawing or exchanging money.

10. Plan Ahead but Stay Open to Spontaneity: Research and book major expenses in advance but give yourself room for flexibility to take advantage of unexpected deals or opportunities.

Remember, the more you save on one aspect of travel, the more you'll have to invest in unforgettable experiences! Let me know if you need any more travel tips or have a specific destination in mind.

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