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Top 10 things to consider when traveling during the pandemic

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

  1. Check the conditions of entry in terms of pre-departure PCR vs antigen tests : 24H, 48H, 72H prior departure time

  2. Seasonality and affordability of plane tickets price, whether using a price comparison search engine or a travel agent

  3. Prepare a rough budget and think about your trip duration, 1 week, 2 weeks, 10 days, 3 weeks...

  4. Check that your vaccination stats is up to date with the country requirement

  5. Check and book your outward journey PCR test and if any airport clinic or resort clinic facility works better for you

  6. Check the weather and prepare your suitcase accordingly

  7. Check the validity of your ID documentation 2/3 month before hand, in case you would need to renew them and if any visa pre-departure or on arrival is required

  8. Most country now will be asking for that you fill in a passenger locator form/ or a travel authorisation form either 24h to 7 days before travelling , so setup your Google Calendar alert!

  9. Check you have the right gear, outfits , hiking or swimwear ready home or if you need pre-holidays shopping spree

  10. Check in online 24H ahead for your trip,on your airline website gather & print all travel documents, PCR or Antigen test results, proof of vaccination and hotel details, so that if your phone has low battery, you can still make it!

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