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How to exchange money and find an ATM in Zanzibar in 2023

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Happy New Year to you and I wish you lots of love, health and prosperity in 2023! Travel has increased a lot in 2022. We have personally traveled around 8 times and have helped around 20 clients discover and explore Tanzania, Brazil, Ghana and Jamaica seamlessly with the support of our local on-site guides . Are you preparing your next treat in Zanzibar or mainland Tanzania? Wondering how much pocket money to take with you and what currency to exchange before your trip? Look no further, we have you! First of all we have been to Tanzania twice in 2022 for different trip lengths (8 days and 3 weeks) so we can really give you a good overview and how to plan which currency to bring before your trip and which to use during your journey.

You will likely end up using 2 currencies (USD and TZS) on your tour, we recommend contacting your guide prior to your trip for quotes and prices for the various tours offered and budgeting around $1000 - 1 $500 for 1 person to $4,500 for a group of 4 depending on the number of participants and you should be able to get them from your country before you leave at any major exchange office. Most attractions are payable in cash in USD between $20 and $500 / $5,000 depending on the length of the safari in days, number of people present and type of accommodation.

On site, you can withdraw a few Tanzanian shillings TZS and buy your local bottled water, taxi rides, food, restaurant and souvenirs with them. Please note that most hotels will charge you between 1% and 5% if you pay by card for your stay, whether you use credit or debit cards. Also, most ATMs on the island are only compatible with Visa or Mastercard, so it's best to search on Google for example: "Visa ATM near me" and walk to it or "Mastercard ATM near me" . We only found one that supports both card issuers (DTB, in Stonetown) Another tip is to go and withdraw cash in the morning, if you are staying in Stonetown, the main town, because there is a continuous demand and by afternoon most of them are out of money. You can use the charts and take screenshots from your mobile device, in your local currency as we do for GBP or USD or EUR to get a rough idea of ​​how much we are withdrawing. As the currency is weak, we recommend that you carry less than 150,000 TZS per day and a maximum of 100 USD per person in case of emergency or if you want to book a day trip. Keep 1 debit or credit card with you in case you need to withdraw cash.

Where to exchange money? There are different currency exchange options in Zanzibar

At the Bank

  • The People’s Bank of Zanzibar – Makunduchi

  • Equity Bank – Stone Town

  • Exim Bank – Stone Town

At the Post office, Shangani – Stone Town

  • They usually have the best exchange rate and you can even order the currency online and have it delivered to your doorstep which is very convenient. The post office has more information on this service.

At the airport

  • The best thing about them? They are available 24/7.

  • You can find the CRBD exchange office in the airport car park. For the best rates, I suggest bringing $50 or $100 bills. Until recently, notes were required to be in good condition and printed after 2006, but the latest report says it is necessary for notes to be printed after 2013

In local offices located across the island

Where can I find an ATM in Zanzibar? There are only a few places to find ATMs in Zanzibar.

Stone Town

Two of them are located in the airport car park and few of them are in the center of Stone Town. Do not hesitate to search on Google "Visa ATM near me" or "Mastercard ATM near me"

East Coast

Outside of Stone Town, you can find several ATMs in Paje. Paje has lots of beach clubs, restaurants and clubs and you will find ABSA ATM located at UP gas station near police checkpoint and NMB ATM is located at Petro Petrol station. There are also two others: Exim and Moja/PBZ located at the roundabout. ATM Refill Money Tuesday! Keep that in mind.


In Nungwi, you will find a Barclays ATM near the UP gas station on the main road.


The NMB ATM is located between Dunga and Koani (central Zanzibar).

Zanzibar ATM Maximum Withdrawal Please note that there is a cash withdrawal maximum of TZS 400,000, or approximately $172 per day. Most ATMs charge a withdrawal fee, except KCB bank near the Stone Town ferry terminal, which has an ATM and does not charge any additional fees. You can use a credit card (VISA, Mastercard,…) several times until you reach your daily withdrawal limit. You may need to visit different ATMs as they often run out of money quickly. The NMB ATM at the airport accepts debit and credit cards! If you plan to travel to the mainland, we suggest you withdraw cash from an ATM in Arusha, Moshi or Dar es Salaam before you travel. Source: @melanintravelsmagic & @wearezanzibar

Need help planning your next trip to Zanzibar?

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Client testimonials which we have helped planning their trips to Zanzibar & Mainland Tanzania

Ayoka, Joanna and Friend & Family group trip to Zanzibar & Tanzanian Safari, October- November 2022, Travel planner service

"Good communication with Christina in Zanzibar for 3 weeks crazy prices I recommend we loved our stay"

Giselle and Family group trip to Zanzibar & Tanzanian Safari ( Day trip to Migumi), February 2023, Travel planner service

"Christina- Melanin Travels Magic- was fantastic, so glad I found her!

I told Christina what I wanted to do and also asked for her advice. Christina put it all together effortlessly, no hassle, no stress and then sent me my itinerary.

Everything ran smoothly and with a child in tow, that's exactly what I needed!

The guides that Christina organised for me were also very good and on time.

Thank you, Christina, you took the hassle out of travel! I will definitely will book with you again. I have also recommended you to others"


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