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3 different types of accomodation for a cheaper solo trip in Jamaica

Updated: Jun 5, 2023


Greetings from Jamaica, when planning my rent trip in from Summer 2021 to December 2021, I’ve decided to save some money on the accommodation budget by 3 ways:

  1. Traveling out of season during January when both flights and accommodation are reduced

  2. Thanks to being a Genius level 3 on I can get up to 20% discount on most Genius booking

  3. Favouring the local approach and rent a room or bungalow in Guest houses

1. Guest House or Bungalow

How to choose your Guest house/ Bungalow? 1. Go do some research on website like booking, com, TripAdvisor, Airbnb,,

2. Filter by your destination main city(ies) depending if you are doing a road trip, backpacking or moving staying in one location

3. Look at the past guest reviews and filter by your traveler profile (solo, family, couple, groups of friends)

4. If you are a female solo traveler pay attention to local, proximity to transport, proximity to the beach or attraction, local supermarket, restaurants, safety or noise at night

5. Feel free to connect with your guests and ask questions via the platform DM/ messaging systems. That will help you in your selection

6. Make your selection and Book online

7. Closer to your arrival date add the host on your what’s app and communicate to find your way around the accommodation, or tell them about your arrival date


  • Access to local network for food spots, driver to hire,

  • Bicycle for hire,

  • Recommendations on best tours to do and places to visit locally. Cheaper accommodation type


  • Shared Kitchen,

  • You could have some noisy neighbourghs at nights, or lack of sleep due to the guesthouse host dogs barking.

  • It won’t have the medium luxury feel of a resorts or dedicated Breakfast facility

Pricing range : Less than 130 USD- 230 USD / £100 - £200 for 5 nights


Tony & Tatty GuestHouse in Negril - Bungalow for rental


Port Antonio Internatonal Guest House


2. Affordable mid range hotel

As I wanted to vary my future experience, I’ve also booked an large ensuite in a family run hotel in Ochos Rios. I did appreciated the colourfulness of the room wall and the fact that it was equipped with microwave, one fridge and kettle.

A mid range hotel will offer additional amenities such as:

Private suite with small kitchen area, useful if you want the ability to store fresh bottles of water during your stay to help you stay hydrated at all times.

  • Friendly staff.

  • Paying laundry services

A dedicated hotel restaurant where:

  • Complimentary breakfast is being served

  • On demand meals can be cooked for you should you wish

  • Recommend you or call a local taxi partner for you should you ask reception when needed

  • Security guard at night to ensure your safety


  • Additional paying services

  • Night guard security

  • Friendly staff


  • Location may not be right by a beach, especially in Ocho Rios or Negril

Pricing range : Less than 339 USD- 380 USD / £250 - £280 for 5 nights


Pinepapple Suites, Ocho Rios


3. A room in a villa

For those who really want to stay in Montego Bay, for cheaper a room in a villa, to get you closer to the airport journey on your way back is not a bad idea.

Similar to the guest house process, compare several websites from noirbnb,, to femmebnb, airbnb, verb and compare reviews and engage with future hosts to find out if you need to pay on arrival in cash, get a taxi referal or find your way around the supermarket and local restaurants.


  • Enjoy the luxury and comfort of living like a local.

  • Being closer to the airport a few days before flying

  • Experience the true Caribbean lifestyle of an airy house.

  • View on the Bay and enjoying sea breeze

  • Having your own ensuite bathroom and fridge


  • Still being mindful of Covid and wearing your mask in all shared rooms and lounge area.

  • Being in a residential area mean extra security is needed at night, lock all doors and windows

  • Hearing the neighbour’s dogs bark in the middle of the night frequently

Pricing range : Less than 150 USD- 160 USD / £114 - £120 for 2 nights


Castle Vue Villa, Montego Bay

Fancy help with planning your next Jamaican getaway?

We hope we have you a good idea of how to choose your accomodation in Jamaica next time you’d like to visit. If you fancy a mixture of Black heritage and Leisure experiences, we got you! Feel free to contact us to arrange any of your group trip in 2023. To find out more email us at:

Or schedule a Zoom Discovery call to find out we could help you plan your next holidays.

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