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Top spots for wellness, yoga and meditation in Zanzibar in 2023

Updated: Jan 7

Happy New year to you and wishing you plenty of Love, Health and Prosperity in 2023! Travel has been picking up greatly in 2022. We have personally travelled about 8 times and have helped around 20 customers discovering & exploring Tanzania, Brasil, Ghana and Jamaica seamlessly with the support of our local guides in location.

Are you wondering where to keep practicing your favorite yoga and meditation activities while traveling to Zanzibar? Hakuna Matata we got you! Being immersed in the beautiful outdoors, beaches and turquoise water and sunsets to remember will have your mind flowing and making your usual practice so much easier. We're reposting a list previously shared by from We are Zanzibar, below:

South East

  • Mustapha’s Place, Bwejuu

  • Blue Palm Guesthouse, Bwejuu

  • Palm Tree Resort, Bwejuu

  • Zanzibar Gem Beach Bungalows, Bwejuu

  • Albatross Ocean View Zanzibar, Dongwe

  • New Teddy’s on the beach, Jambiani

  • Raha Lodge Boutique Hotel, Jambiani

  • Find Your Movement, Jambiani

  • Sharazad Boutique Hotels, Jambiani

  • The One Resort, Makunduchi

  • B4, Paje

  • Hakuna Matata, Paje

  • Luciana Beach House, Paje

  • Pongwe Beach Hotel, Pongwe

  • Sunny Palms Beach Resort Zanzibar, Uroa


  • Bluebay Resorts & Spa, Kiwengwa

  • Garden Beach Villa, Matemwe

  • Flame Tree Cottages, Nungwi

  • The Z Hotel, Nungwi


  • Asili Town House,

  • Uzima Space,

  • Wajamama Fitness Center,

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