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Changing The Narrative: Rediscovering Africa's Beauty Through Travel and Passion.

Updated: Apr 27

More often than not, we hear about heroes and heroines in folklore; we read about them in comics and see them on Netflix, Amazon, Marvel and the likes. Well, here is the story of a heroine that black history need mention: Sara Jabril.

Image of Sara Jabril in a canoe.
Photo Credit: Sara Jabril

Growing up in Berlin Germany, Sara did not have much exposure to her homeland, Somalia. Only contact she had of home was her father’s stories and her mother’s photography.

The Drone Captain, as she loves to identify as, has been to twenty-one out of the fifty-four African countries. She aspires to explore the entire continent before turning forty. “Fingers crossed.”


One thing we all neglected, and still do, is what Somalia looked like before the war. This is where we reintroduce heroine to you.


The Dhulka Hooya Project


Inspired by her mom's photography of Somalia in the mid and late 1980s, Sara decided to retell the beauty of Somalia and its undaunted people through her passions. Through the DHULKA HOOYO Project - which translates into English as "motherland” - Sara started to reconnect with Somalia's untold parts and past.


Like Sara, other Somalis living in the diaspora and at home who have been privileged to see the works of Sabine and her daughter, have great hope in the restoration of the resilient Somali nation.

Promoting Black-Owned Businesses


In a sit down interview with Sara, one could not help but notice Sara’s determination to rediscover Africa and its beauty.

“Traveling in Africa you realize that a lot of big hotels you come across are owned by foreigners. It was so hard to find some hotels that were owned by Africans…so we (together with Sleep in Africa) decided to do some research on some of the black-owned hotels and there was not much to find. So at some point we said ‘you know what? Why don't we just do it.’ And that is how the idea came about and  we started to compile a list of black-owned hotels and lodges in the continent."


Living and Working In South Africa


After six years of staying in South Africa, one cannot help but fall in love with the country’s culture, history and people. Guess Sara fell in love with South Africa especially Durban and has an inviting perspective for those wish to visit South Africa.

Maybe one cannot change the media’s bias, however, new stories and perspectives can help improve the image of South Africa especially to tourists. Like any other city in the world, Johannesburg is often labelled with the tag ‘crime city.’ But maybe one question we all need ask is, “which city in the world does not have crime?”


Image of an african diasporan lady standing at the rooftop of a building in South Africa CBD.
Photo Credit: Sara Jabril

For you wishing to travel to SA, maybe it is time to start planning your vacation and stop being influenced by the “danger of a single story.” Let us suggest an itinerary list for you:


However, it is important to not let one’s guard down while touring in new lands. For this reason, Sara reiterates the benefit of having a local help you navigate and enjoy the vibrance South Africa has to offer. One option is booking the Caraci Experience to tour Johannesburg’s Central Business District.


Discovering Africa


While traveling and working in Africa, “what I was seeing and experiencing, didn’t quite match what I had been told through mainstream media growing up in Europe.” Sara therefore started a YouTube channel with the mission of redefining and rediscovering her mother continent, Africa. She has experienced new cultures, people, food and personalities.


Image of Sara Jabril sitting on the bonnet of a safari jeep
Photo Credit: Sara Jabril

One destination The Drone Captain recommends for first time tourists to Africa and those seeking to explore the continent is Senegal.

The country which is often called the land of ‘TERANGA,’ meaning ‘hospitality,’ is the original homeland of jollof rice. Senegal is home to warriors. Maybe that is why their national sport is ‘Burre’ (wrestling).


Like Sara, here at Melanin Travels Magic, we take great interest in national pride and the rediscovery of Africa by the diaspora through travel and adventures. For this reason, we have the suitable plans for those who want to explore the continent . We also deem it a need to update you with inspiring stories of Africans who are living testimonies to the wonders and beauty of the African continent.


Image of Sara Jabril happily posing at the edge of the devil's pool in Zambia
Photo Credit: Sara Jabril

Get connected to Sara Jabril through her instagram handle and follow all her other social media handles.

Part of changing the narrative, is having a supportive audience.


Fancy help with planning your next African cultural and leisure getaway?

Image of a happy African diaspora lady smiling while walking in the airport.
Photo Credit: Travelers Insurance

We have also expanded massively and can now help you plan some unforgettable holidays activities, transport and accommodation in the following destinations: Tanzania, Egypt, Ghana, Senegal, Zambia, Namibia, Madagascar, Kenya, South Africa , Sao Tome, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Congo, Nigeria, Benin. If you need help planning your next holidays whether you are a solo traveler, a duo, a group of friends or a corporate retreat. If you fancy a mixture of black heritage and leisure experiences, we got you!

To find out more email us at:

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