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8 Enticing Travel Trends You'd Love To Try in 2024

Updated: May 13



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A couple entering their hotel room

Uno, dos, tres … we keep counting as the times keep changing. Say, 2024 is here and over the next quarters, the travel industry is surely going to see a few trends and keep you -  our cherished travel enthusiasts - all the more excited. Trends from informed predictions, facts and figures and whatnot. 

We can definitely assure you: that while you are busy packing a bag or two, we delight ourselves, here at MTM, with curating your itinerary and picking the right trends for the right destinations.

Right, here are a few trends you might want to ride on in 2024 while the wave surges on.

1. Sustainable Tourism

An African-descent lady in train

Around the world, the issue of sustainability has been in the pipeline and discussion rooms for so long. Post-pandemic, more travellers are seeking more eco-friendly tourism itineraries.

From seeking more reusable products, shopping from local businesses, using more public transport, visiting the hidden gems, and sleeping in outdoor tents among others. With a market size nearing $200 billion, eighty per cent of travellers in 2022 expressed how important sustainable tourism is to them.

And a whopping thirty per cent are achieving this even when it is inconvenient to them. Thus, sustainable tourism as a trend is still making waves all over the world this year. One may be probed to worry about unfriendly budgets but guess what, we have just the right cut-price packages for you.

2. Adventure Travel

African American ladies inside a camping van

The time is now when many tourists are willing, more than ever, to travel to destinations they know little about. Like Abdul, the idea of unplanned trips is gaining more popularity. That in itself already spells out the inclination towards adventure travel in 2024. Increasingly, many are growing more enthusiastic about bagging experiences than they are about bagging souvenirs.

Adventure is the new souvenir. From bungee jumping to mountain climbing; from group road trips to hiking and outdoor camping, travellers are up for the challenge. With a long hunger bred indoors during the lockdown season, everyone is booking an experience to push up their adrenaline beyond imagination.

3. Soft Life Retreats

Having fun in the forest

With global warming and other global, social and health issues on the rise, more and more travelers are looking to live the softest life they can this year. You only live once, aye!

With every destination, if not all, tourists are looking to have self-centered retreats and health getaways to rejuvenate.

Statistically, more than five travelers if in a room of ten, plan to add wellness to their itinerary when planning a vacation. No wonder the industry has made significant value strides post-pandemic.

Now more than ever, people are becoming highly cognisant of their bodies, minds and spirits. Which in recent light has given peculiar popularity to yogi traditions and practices among other popular known options.

4. Cuisines and Cocktails

Friends drinking wine

Do tell; this could be our little secret. One of the things you look out for in a destination, be it planned or spontaneous, is a good food treat. Right? Well, be pleased to know you are one in a million travellers with the same inside secret. 35 per cent of travellers choose destinations specifically to try their local dishes.

While their experiences could mainly be about the local food, they also immerse themselves in the personality of the place they’re visiting. With this incredible look-out, one outstanding trend in travel this year is culinary travel. To taste the finest of cuisines and sip the best of cocktails.

5. Minimalistic and Contactless Travel

A couple doing yoga at home

Travel The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of contactless and tech-driven solutions throughout the travel journey, including contactless payments, digital health passports, and touchless hotel experiences. Amazing right?

What is more, travellers are traveling lighter and lighter by the day: apparel rentals, shopping-on-arrival and donating clothing when departing Amadeus has it that, 41% of travellers expect to increase their use of contactless technology to avoid physical contact during their journey. Also, McKinsey says that "...76% of travellers say contactless technology makes them feel safer during travel."

If you are looking at cheap flights then look no further than

6. Digital Nomadism

An African lady working outside

Tell you what is here to stay; not the virus, certainly not the lockdowns but an industry baby of the disaster: digital nomadism! More so than ever, Gen Zs and millennials are immersed in an era of utter technology.

Today, a movable office is as easy as packing a laptop, so to say. With that much convenience and versatility, one has more than ample time to have fun while earning get paid, while hitting the road. Airbnb suggests in their 2021 report that digital nomadism is the new staycation: "...there is a growing number of longer-stays for a duration longer than four weeks."

With an energetic upward trend, this was a ten-percent increase from the year before. It may also interest you that by 2035, we will have about one billion digital nomads worldwide.

Thus, digital nomadism is a travel trend that is slowly gaining momentum and spurring. See our suggestion for some cities where you could live your nomad's dream.

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7. Carbon Awareness

A black mad doing breathing yoga

It is difficult of late to see a full itinerary that does not consciously include items that cut down on travellers' carbon footprints. Many a day are waking to the harsh realities of climate change and both individuals and organizations are making major and minor moves to mitigate the dire effects.

More so this year, from opting for trains instead of flights for short distances to buying less fabric while travelling

, travellers are increasing their carbon awareness and striving for an industry-wide contribution to curbing the tremendous amount of carbon dioxide in our skies.

8. Solo traveling

A beautiful black lady taking a selfie outdoors

"Let's use a flight..." 'Nope, I'd rather we get to the next country via road trip...' " Come on Ben, a flight is faster, mate" 'It's not about speed Chris, sight-seeing is priceless...' Guess I need not highlight all the cons about having to travel with someone else.

Safety was a major concern for many back when solo travelling had not gained much ground. However, if there is anything travellers are, it is not afraid of the unknown anymore.

Day-in-day-out, the industry experts share tips on safety measures while travelling solo. In 2024, more travellers are seeking to walk the road not taken all by themselves; without familiar faces by their side. Here are a few safety tips and tricks you could learn from Ayoka's experience as a solo traveller.

What more is there to wait for? Summer is just around the corner and trust me you need this vacation for tons of reasons. You know what the trends are now and you have our ever-hardened and ready team to plan your itinerary on this trip. So come on, book a meeting today.

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